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Introduction post.


This is a writing/fandom-related journal for zwanhyrule. Since all that I can really do is write anyway, that's probably all that will be here.

My profile essentially mentions it, but I reiterate that

if you dislike large amounts of profanity, adult content, crack, oddities and taboo subjects YOU DO NOT WANT TO READ ANYTHING THAT I HAVE TO WRITE!!!!!

In fact, I made this journal in the first place because I got a little tired of using a filter for all of my crap on my normal journal.

Most of it is probably going to be Tales of the Abyss related, but I've had a few ideas swimming in my head for a while now that I might just feel compelled to share/write in some fashion.

Uh, that's about it. If you want, go ahead and add me, I'll reciprocate, etc. I plan to backlog update my "stories" thus far.


I haven't written anything in forever. But lucky for you I have a little treat. It was actually for an RP application. but it seems to almost fit the bill of a fanfiction. And it's about the only serious fanfic I have written, I think.

It's about Nephry, Jade's little sister. And because I don't care if you know, here's a link to the app. It has some nice background on Nephry that might be useful to understand the context of the story.

Peace out.

It has no titleCollapse )

Natalia's Grave Mistake

It's a Tales story, but quite unlike the other two that I have written. It was, however, more fun to write than any of them...even Van x Mohs.
For the record, I don't actually dislike Natalia, but she's just so easy to pick on.

Natalia's Grave Mistake
Author: Me, lulz
Rating: T
Characters: Natalia & the Jade gang
Pairing: Jade/Natalia if you're into domestic violence. Otherwise, none.
Genre: Friendship, Humor, Farming Search Points and Craft Items
Spoilers: Spoilers for FOF battle strategy
Summary: When Fields of Fonons appear on the battlefield, decisions must be made, and mistakes MUST be rectified. Rating for organ rummaging, hematochezia, and Fashion Emergencies.

Inspired by a conversation with Vaughan that left me gasping for air and clutching my stomach in pain...from laughter.Collapse )