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oh_fonverse's Journal

Mystearica Grants
25 June
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  • oh_fonverse@livejournal.com
Writing journal of zwanhyrule. This is not for the faint of heart, so everything is friends-only.

You do not want to read anything I write if:

-You dislike crack. crack= exactly what it implies...both in narcotic and in literary form.

-You are offended by copious profanity, vulgarity, and other obscenities.

-You are easily offended by things that are considered taboo by our society.

-You are wary of/dislike things containing EXPLICIT adult content.

-Sarcasm is lost on you, or you simply dislike it.

-You don't like to see characters you like made fun of/somewhat OOC. I say somewhat because I try to keep things somewhat plausible, actually. Mostly.

-You are looking for gushy, gooey love stories. I fucking hate those.

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